Sunday, June 28, 2015

The Daily Quest For Better Fitness+Getting More Out Of My Stretching Exercises

Warm-ups have always been a problem for me. I just want to get the run completed. Taking the time to stretch is difficult when I'm out of shape. My reason for starting early- to save the energy. But it's best to do a warm-up.

I avoid the stress of high traffic by starting my run early in the morning. I do a good stretch and breathing exercises to reduce the strain on my legs, soon after I take to the road. I plan my entire run in advance so there will be no surprises to my system. I run slower than I use to, because I stopped running for a while. (It's not fun to do a fitness routine when it gets boring). While I'm doing this to benefit my health some mornings I would rather stay in bed.

I will admit, it's invigorating to run scenic paths through parks, quiet fields and neighborhoods; it's not the safest way to run [alone] but I enjoy running that way. It gives me a chance to breath and go over things in my mind without feeling inhibited.

Feeling comfortable is important while exercising. Never take running shoes for granted.

Memphis Restaurant/Mollie Fontaine

Mollie Fontaine is a restaurant and lounge located in the Victorian Village neighborhood of downtown Memphis. It's quite different from what you would expect a lounge to be in an area tucked away downtown. First the house itself is a historic residential home which was seamlessly converted into a beautiful restaurant.

Secondly, where it's located, the Victorian Village on these streets Memphis past stays alive. A historic site with homes of Memphis' wealthiest citizens complete with vintage iron gates and massive entry doors, standing as almost in a dream. You can immediately feel the opulent grandeur of this neighborhood's past. And thirdly, upon entering the restaurant, guests are sitting in cozy micro groups chatting, not the conventional round table method but more like if you were at a house party. You stand where you please. Your foot steps are echoed throughout the hallway among the sound of other steps, a uniquely different sound comes from this echo, not the usual hardwood floor of Mid-town but the rich sounds of a historic landmark.

I enjoyed this performance.

You're not sure where to sit initially but the grand piano urges you to come into the main room, to share in the jazz and blues tunes being played. In the main room you'll find small tables; the lighting is perfect, you feel instantly comfortable. The waiter casually appears, privately getting the details of your drink selection. I was thrilled. This is my way of exploring the city on the weekends.

I ordered wings and fries, not any wings but a touch of Paris and Memphis soul. And they were delicious.