Saturday, October 27, 2018

What you keep...

In a perfect world, you could somehow walk back into your past and salvage items that you loved.  Be an Alice in Wonderland, escaping with long cherished relics that made you happy.  In some ways unfortunately, I belong to that group of people that wanted free space, no random belongings cluttering an empty living space.  I thought I would one day forget about my abandoned treasures but I have not recovered even with the understanding that it’s just things.  I now fall into the wise group of collectors of history, that manage collections with care.

If it weren't for the minor inconvenience of having too little space to keep everything that I’ve owned since I was very young; I would have kept everything.  With learning the extremely painful lesson that you shouldn’t toss everything for the desire of being completely organized I feel empowered.  I want to express my luck in selecting some great former purchases, I enjoyed them immensely.  Or I'm just turning into a nostalgia girl.  Though I still can appreciate open space, it doesn’t diminish my love to interact with what makes me happy.  I keep things under control by selecting nice boxes, that keep my treasures safe and especially away when they don’t match the interior furnishings.  But that does not mean that you toss them...keep your items in nice boxes, you won’t regret it.

Nice boxes.

Mr Everything: Eddie Redmayne | Movie Series

Even with all the dysfunction in the movie, "Hick," to me Redmayne was magnificent as a beguiling loner that possessed a tricky demeanor of being scary at one moment and the next the only person you could trust.   This slightly terrifying but an irresistible character was played by a college educated man from England.  I’m still shaking, he was an exceptional villain.  I have to believe that this movie wouldn't have been as interesting if another actor starred.
To continue his movie contributions.  Watch, "Theory of Everything,"when available.  The movie is a total cinema jewel.  I felt that I had personally met Steven Hawkings. This movie allows you to see into the academics' life before his illness.  I was enlightened. The beginning of the move made you wish all the gruesome reality would be omitted- with the beautiful cinematography and landscape you just got lost also seeing him healthy was so refreshing but inevitably the sobering introduction of his illness would be central to the movie.

 Now for Mr. Redmanye. I'm quite comfortable with calling him Mr. Everything.  An actor who is college educated, handsome and hopefully as polite and charming as he was during an interview on Charlie Rose.
 He revealed for me that Mr. Hawkings has a powerful persona which  balanced the weight of his  illness.  What remained after viewing was a beautiful western view of his extraordinary brilliance.
As with most great movies there was masterful dialogue, amazing wardrobes and a beautiful landscape to tell the story. It also challenges you to see where you can go if you keep moving forward.  I enjoyed the film. It left you wanting more; more Redmayne.